Stephanie Gail Eagleson

Stephanie Gail Eagleson is a writer, freelance editor, and abuse recovery advocate living in Pennsylvania. She homeschools her children, cans vegetables grown in the backyard, and loves cats and video games. Irrespective of all this, Jesus loves her.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Stephanie, I love your stuff! It is extremely helpful. I’m a Christian counselor who often works with people recovering from church trauma and abuse. You writing is right on point. One suggestion: it would very helpful if you organized and posted a table of contents on your homepage so that visitors can quickly find specific articles. I often point people your way but I think it would be helpful of the were able to look over your complete article library to find things that relate to their particular struggles. Thanks again for your love of King Jesus and following him with tenacious courage, hope, and humility.

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    • Tim, thank you! I really didn’t think anyone would be reading my blog much, so it didn’t even occur to me to organize it better. Thanks to your encouragement, I’ll get right on that. It means a lot! I’m glad people are finding my writing helpful!


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